Are We There Yet? Planning a Family Vacation?

Planning a Family Vacation - take a long some fun

Word Games

Secret word
Each player picks a secret word. Do not say it out loud. Every time that word is used, do something unusual - put your hands up, clap your hands, or snap your fingers - until that word is used again. Do this until everyone figures out what your secret word is.

The first player says a letter. The next person adds a letter, attempting to spell a word. For example, the beginning of a round might sound like this: "E." "N." "G." "A." The one saying the final letter of a word more than three letters long loses. A speller can be "challenged" if the next player doubts that a real word is being spelled. The speller loses if a word cannot be spelled. The loser of each round gets a letter of G-H-O-S-T. The first to lose five times is out of the game.

Sally's Green Glass Door
Each person asks if he or she can bring an object "through the door," and the leader answers yes or no. You go around the circle until most of the people seem to have figured out the pattern. (Shh, the pattern is that they can only bring things that are words with double letters in them.)

Things you can bring:

  • Jelly
  • Water balloons
  • Kittens

Things you can't bring:
  • Jam
  • A raft
  • Cats