Are We There Yet? Planning a Family Vacation?

Planning a Family Vacation - take a long some fun

I'm Hungry

Bored or Hungry?
When your child starts to whine that he is hungry,determine if he is truly hungry or simply bored.If you ate lunch just an hour ago,or he recently had a snack, he may be more bored than hungry.Distract him with activities and books that he can do in his seat,or play a fun car game that involves the whole family .

If he still insists that he is hungry, offer healthy snacks, like apples or bananas,instead of sugary treats for in-between meals.

Sugar tends to make kids anxious and fidgety,and without a venue to release their energy, you may be setting yourself up for stressful situations down the road.

Quench the Thirst
Instead of soda pop or juice, pack a cooler full of water bottles. Not only is water simply more healthy than sugar and caffeinated drinks,but if it happens to spill, it will dry with no fabric stains! Also,if you need to clean a messy face or hands, you'll have plenty of water available without having to make a stop. Speaking of making stops, remember that the more liquids your children consume, the more often they will have to use the restroom.

If your goal is to arrive quickly at your destination with the least amount of stops, consider banning all liquids or only offering them an hour before a scheduled stop. Whatever you do, don't make a child "hold it" for very long; make a restroom stop as soon as it is safely possible.

Most young children have to go to the bathroom 30 minutes before they announce it; therefore, making them wait is only setting them up for embarrassment and you for frustration.