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Celebrity Birthplaces

1. This country boy was no alien to his birthplace of Roswell, NM.
a. Garth Brooks
b. John Denver
c. Johnny Cash
d. Willie Nelson

2. Snoopy’s creator, Charles Schultz, was born in this
Midwest city and state:

a. Minneapolis, MN
b. Chicago, IL
c. Peoria, IL
d. Cleveland, OH

3. Which ‘genius’ shares Bill Gates' birthplace of Seattle, WA?
a. Albert Einstein
b. Walt Disney
c. Jimi Hendrix
d. Donald Trump

4. Although she was born in Kansas, her travels took her all over the world.
a. Jackie Kennedy
b. Amelia Earhart
c. Mother Teresa
d. Hillary Clinton

5. Sport legends Hank Aaron and Charles Barkley both got off on the right foot in this state:
a. Arkansas
b. Mississippi
c. Arizona
d. Alabama

6. Stevie Nicks and Linda Ronstadt both belted out their first cry in this state:
a. Arizona
b. New York
c. California
d. Nevada

7. The Backstreet Boys and N’Sync weren't 'mousing' around when they got their start in:
a. Anaheim, CA
b. Orlando, FL
c. San Francisco, CA
d. Las Vegas, NV

8. Detroit, MI is the birthplace of Motown, Diana Ross, and
a. Ted Nugent
b. Aaron Neville
c. Marvin Gaye
d. Aretha Franklin

9. Ashton Kutcher may have taken advice from Ann Landers in their birth state of:
a. Texas
b. California
c. Pennsylvania
d. Iowa

10.Abe Lincoln, Muhammad Ali and Seabiscuit all share this state as their birthplace:
a. Illinois
b. Michigan
c. Kentucky
d. Tennessee

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