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"I Don't Feel So Good"

By Laurel Smith (Roadtrip Mom)

Car sickness has plagued parents since cars were invented! Luckily moms and dads have all kinds of tricks for coping with it. Mom's Minivan readers were asked to submit their Best Car Sickness Prevention Tips and their Worst Barf Stories! These car sickness treatment tips worked for the parents who submitted them, but you may find that only certain ones or a combination of some of the techniques will work for you.

Tips for Prevention or Treatment of Car Sickness

  • Peppermints...lots of LifeSaver Peppermints, or peppermint candies. Keep a supply in the car.
  • Ginger snap cookies. Eat a couple before you start the trip and then periodically during the trip. This tip was recommended by several readers!
  • Avoid reading in the car, particularly on winding bumpy roads. Be sure to keep eye focus mainly to front. This helps the brain process sensory data and avert the vertigo.
  • Use Seabands, which are wrist bands with a small round metal button that presses into the inside of each wrist. They are tight & work by;accupressure. Some people swear by them! Also called, "No Queeze Wrist Bands".
  • Place the child in the middle of the backseat so they can see out the front, rather than the sides, which can appear as a blur.
  • Pick a spot as far away as you can see and just focus on that for a few minutes not the road whizzing by.
  • Breath deep through your mouth, not your nose.
  • Stick your hand out the window, just a little bit; whether it is 100 degrees or 10 degrees.
  • Fresh water and saltine crackers.
  • Keep empty 3-pound butter tubs in the van with their covers, so that in case of an accident, you can re-cover the tub until you reach a place you can empty and rinse it out.
  • Keep plenty of lollipops on hand. You can even get special motion sickness ones called Queasy Pops.
  • A cool face cloth. The minute someone feels that urge come on, hand them a peppermint and have them place the cool face cloth on their forehead.
  • Ginger root capsules, ginger ale and plain cake donuts!!
  • An ice pack applied to the back of the neck -- ten minutes on, ten minutesoff.
  • Wear wrap around sun glasses.
  • Take Benadryl or Drammamine 1-1/2 hour prior to drive. Don't wait until you are already on the road or it will be too late. Consult a doctor if necessary before using!
  • Keep a bottle of Fabreeze to get rid of accident odors.
  • Never travel without a big tub of wet wipes!
  • Keep an extra change of clothing easily available for all travelers.