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Planning a Family Vacation - take a long some fun

Bird on a Wire

Make a list of things you would expect to see on a long car trip, for example a bird on a wire, a silo, a Greyhound bus, a blue car, a cow, a bumper sticker, etc.

Once everyone agrees on the same list and writes it down, the game begins. Players must be the first to find each object on the list. When a Player finds an object he/she must call it out before any other Players in the car.

If two players call an object at the same time either the object is deemed null (and no one gets the point) OR a coin may be flipped to determine who gets the point. At least one other player must also see the object called out in order for the point to be valid.

If a player calls out an object that is not really there, they are subject to one minute penalty in which they are not allowed to call out any objects.

Whoever completes their list first wins the game. This is a good game for long road trips because it is challenging and takes a lot of time to finish.