Are We There Yet? Planning a Family Vacation?

Planning a Family Vacation - take a long some fun

Alphabet and Memory Games

I Spy
Choose a family member to begin the game by "spying" some object in the car and describing it with one word. He or she begins the game by stating, "I spy, with my little eye, something that is red."

The rest of the family must guess the object this person has in mind. Be sure to only "spy" objects that are visible to everyone who is playing. Choosing a brown cow you saw 10 miles ago isn’t fair!

I Went To The Beach and Brought a...
Going in alphabetical order, say aloud an object to bring to the beach (if you are going to the mountains or Grandma’s, substitute your destination in place of beach!) For example, "I went to the beach and brought an apple." The next person must repeat the previous selection and add on a B word. For
example, "I went to the beach and brought an apple and a banana," and so on, and so on!

The more people who join in on this, the more fun it will be!

"A" is for Andy from Arizona
Each person takes a turn associating a letter from the alphabet with a person's name and a city or state starting with the same letter. For example,
"A is for Andy from Arizona, B is for Brenda from Boise..." Depending on the age of your children, you can make the game more complicated by repeating all the previous selections.

20 Questions
One person begins by thinking of a famous person, place, or thing. The rest of the family is allowed to ask up to 20 questions to guess the correct answer.

Is it an animal? Is it large? Is it soft? Remember to keep track of all the questions and answers so you don’t ask the same thing twice! There are hand-held electronic games on the market that play this game, but sometimes it’s more fun to have the family inter-action and creativity!